Criteria for hospitalization of patients with anorexia

by Cathy Parkes July 09, 2019

LevelUpRN Hospitalization for Anorexia Tip of the DayCriteria for hospitalization of patients with Anorexia:

  • Weight loss > 30% over 6 months
  • Heart rate < 40/min
  • SBP < 70mmHg
  • Body temp < 36 degrees C
  • EKG abnormalities
  • Electrolyte imbalances

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Ostomy Patient Teaching
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by Cathy Parkes September 15, 2020

Ostomy patient teaching: 
  • Cut opening in skin barrier ≤ 1/8" bigger than the measured stoma size to prevent skin damage from contact with ostomy output.
  • Assess stoma regularly - should be pink/moist. Pale/blue stoma indicates ischemia.
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