Cathy's Journey to Becoming a Nurse

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Cathy Parkes shares a heartfelt and personal journey into her nursing career. Becoming a registered nurse is Cathy's second career. Prior to that, she was a computer science engineer and even though the salary was great, she wasn't fulfilled. Cathy talks about formulating her new path, volunteering at a hospital and after more deliberations, deciding to become a nursing student. She talks about balancing family life while taking pre-requisites at a junior college just to be able to apply for a nursing program. The nursing school she chose required her to take an entrance exam.

Once she was admitted to an accelerated 2 year nursing program, things did not get easier. Studying for nursing exams was hard and she spent many hours discovering better ways to memorize and master the material. This is a story about personal grit and determination and could be helpful for aspiring nurses, whether you want to become a registered nurse or a nurse practitioner. She even includes many helpful tips about starting your career and maximizing your nursing salary and nursing career satisfaction.

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Tracy Wortman
Tracy Wortman

July 26, 2019

Hi Cathy,
First things first, I want to thank you for all that you do. It is such a selfless act to do so much for so many people that you do not know and, let
me just say it is truly a breath of fresh air knowing that I am not alone and that you can voice that the struggle is real. I know my peers are in the same up hill battle. I am a Senior at Chamberlain University and it is an excelled program also, it is so hard! I cannot tell you how many times
on this journey I have questioned or doubted myself. You really inspire me to keep moving forward! I love your videos, they are extremely helpful
and I have purchased many of the sets. The Med Surg set was especially helpful and amazing. Again thank you so much for all that you do and continue to do. Thank you also for sharing your story, I worry about what will happen when I start working as a Nurse but, I know if I can complete
this program I can do anything!
Stay strong my Nursing friends!!

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