Improve Nursing Relationships With Co-Workers, Preceptor and Patients

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Cathy shares her tips and lessons learned as a new nurse. Don’t assume things like all elderly patients are hard of hearing. Don’t speak loudly unless they ask you to speak up. Always ask questions if you are not sure how to do something, even if you may get flak for it. Put patient safety over your personal pride. Be friendly and kind to all the people around you.


Cathy explains how being friendly and kind opened up new opportunities for her at the hospital. If you are assigned a new preceptor, she recommends starting things off on the right foot by bringing some food and thanks for the help.


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    July 15, 2019

    Love these video’s Cathy ! Thanks so much for your authenticity and normalizing what many new student nurses/graduates might feel! Please give us more :)

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