New Grad RN Programs

New Grad RN Programs

How do you land a position? What makes a good program? 

In this video, Cathy takes a few minutes to talk about some very practical steps you can take to give yourself the best chance to get a position as a new grad RN.

She then talks about some specific things you should consider when you are looking at new grad RN programs. 

Watch as Cathy discusses: 

Getting ready to land the position

  1. Understand how competitive it is to get a new grad RN position in your area (city, state, etc).
  2. Get your foot in the door (intern/get a position, become an internal candidate)
  3. Bring your "A-game" during your clinical rounds. 

How to evaluate potential new grad RN programs

  1. Length of the program? 
  2. How long do you have with a preceptor?
  3. Are their courses and classes included in the new grad program? 


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