Maternity Nursing Flashcards

These flashcards will help you learn and digest the most important facts and concepts you need to know to be successful in your Maternity Nursing class. We will help you focus on what is MOST important, so that you can excel on your exams AND in your nursing practice. Our Maternity Nursing flashcards will take you from Preconception to Newborn/Postpartum Care.

Who can use these?

  • An RN or PN Nursing Student.
  • A new Maternal Newborn nurse (or new to working on a Maternal Newborn Nursing floor)

What’s included?

  • Five sections of Maternal Nursing knowledge:
    • Preconception
    • Pregnancy
    • Labor & Delivery (L&D)
    • Newborn Assessment/Care
    • Postpartum Assessment/Care
  • One hundred thirty four (134) durable 3” x 5” flashcards. Each section has a cover card, and an index is also provided. 
  • A glossy front and a matte back for easy note-taking.
  • Six illustrations to help you visualize and understand key concepts.
  • Important terms or facts called out in bolded, red text.
  • Cool Chicken Helpful, silly hints highlighted with a Cool Chicken icon.
  • Cool Chicken Key nursing considerations indicated with a magnifying glass.
  • References to our other flashcards (including Pharmacology), so you can quickly and easily look up associated information.
  • Check out the searchable Maternity Nursing Flashcards Index for a detailed list of topics

Topics Included in Maternity Nursing

Check out the searchable, interactive index for the Maternity Nursing Flashcards!


  • Contraception (behavioral, barrier, hormonal methods)
  • Infertility


  • Signs of pregnancy and physiological changes during pregnancy.
  • Prenatal care visits and labs/diagnostic testing during pregnancy
  • Maternal teaching, including: nutrition, warning signs, unpleasant side effects.
  • Fetal assessment methods, including: ultrasound, CVS, amniocentesis, non-stress test, biophysical profile, CST).
  • Pregnancy complications, including: miscarriage, molar pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, infections, hyperemesis, gestational diabetes, cervical insufficiency, placenta previa, abruptio placenta, gestational hypertension, amniotic fluid abnormalities.

Labor and Delivery (L&D)

  • Physiologic changes during pregnancy.
  • True vs. false labor.
  • Factors affecting labor.
  • Stages of labor.
  • Pain management during labor.
  • FHR monitoring, abnormal findings, interventions.
  • Labor induction and augmentation.
  • Labor and Delivery complications, including: premature rupture of membranes, preterm labor, labor dystocia, prolapsed umbilical cord, cesarean section, uterine rupture, amniotic fluid embolism, precipitous labor.

Postpartum Assessment/Care

  • Fundal and lochia assessment.
  • Perineum care and breast care.
  • Postpartum immunizations.
  • Maternal role attainment, parental-infant bonding, sibling adaptation.
  • Cardiovascular changes after birth.
  • Postpartum complications, including: deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, postpartum hemorrhage, endometritis, mastitis, mental health concerns

Newborn Assessment/Care

  • Apgar scoring and New Ballard Scale
  • Vital signs and thermoregulation
  • Measurements, physical assessment of newborn, newborn reflexes.
  • Heel stick, lab testing, medications administered after birth
  • Newborn complications, including: neonatal substance withdrawal, hypoglycemia, macrosomic infants, sepsis neonatorum, necrotizing enterocolitis, hyperbilirubinemia, preterm infants, postmature infants, meconium aspiration syndrome.
  • Discharge teaching, including: infant nutrition, breastfeeding, breastmilk storage, formula feeding, circumcision, bathing, cord care, crib and sleep safety, car seat safety.

Which Nursing Exams Do These Flashcards Help With?

We designed these flashcards to help nursing students on the following exams:

  • NCLEX and comprehensive predictor exams (e.g. ATI, HESI)
  • Nursing class exams that cover Maternity or Maternal Newborn Nursing material.


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Cool Chicken icon

The Legend of Cool Chicken

Have you heard the legend of Cool Chicken? It is our most memorable (and talked about) memory aide. As it turns out, nursing material is a lot more fun to learn when you make up silly stories to "explain" the concepts.

This wacky hint has its origin in our Pharmacology videos!

Colchicine is a medication used to treat an acute gout attack.

HINT: Colchicine kind of looks like 'cool chicken'.

Guy to his friend with a chicken: "Hey man, cool chicken. OUCH! Your chicken just pecked and cut my gouty toe!"

The Level Up RN community loved this hint, and it was the reason we started adding more hints to our flashcards.

The Cool Chicken highlights a silly memory device that makes it easier to learn the material you need to know!

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Brittany D.
United States United States
Maternity Nursing

The flashcards were amazing. I used them as a complement to my class. My instructor also reviewed us using both the flashcards and the book for our final exam. These cards are amazing and a great investment in your future. Something great to hold on to, for sure!

Level Up RN Maternity Nursing Flashcards Review
Gabrielle C.
United States United States

These are the best flashcards I have ever purchased!!!! I’m thinking about purchasing some for my classmates because they make the content so much more digestible! I got more out of it than I paid for—thank you.

Level Up RN Maternity Nursing Flashcards Review
Tiffiney S.
United States United States
Maternity Nursing

I love Cathy! Her cards is the truth and has been helping me excel in nursing school! I use them to study along with my chapters in my book. I’m so happy I purchased these cards!

Life Saver!

I just want to say that if your debating on buying these cards, do yourself a favor and BUY THEM! These were a literal life saver for my OB class. I had so much anxiety when I started the course because so many of my classmates FAILED. But after buying these cards, I studied them religiously and passed the course with a B! A nursing student MUST HAVE! Thank you Cathy!❤❤

Corey C.
United States United States
So good that I bought some for my friend

My friend's mother was in a traumatic car accident and now my friend spends almost all day everyday taking care of her instead of studying. Carrying laptops and books to all the various doctors' appointments that her mother now requires wasn't realistic. So, I bought her some of the maternity flashcards, they are easy to carry and can fit in her purse with no extra bags... She went from failing the class to PASSING! Thank you for helping us pass.

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