Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) Interpretation Flashcards for Nursing Students

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This flashcard deck was purpose-built for Nursing Students to master Arterial Blood Gas interpretation. Cathy LOVES ABG interpretation, and she wants YOU to feel totally confident in being able to easily interpret ABG problems and understand acid/base imbalances. Many nursing students are intimidated by ABGs, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Cathy will take you through the process using a simplified, logical approach.

This deck is for you if you are:

  • An RN or PN Nursing Student
  • A new nurse on a Medical Surgical unit or Critical Care unit who wants a refresher on ABGs.

Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation Simplified

This deck contains the following information:

  • How to obtain an ABG
  • ABG components and normal ranges for each component
  • Buffers that maintain acid/base balance in the body
  • Significance of higher/lower values for: pH, PaCO2, and HCO3
  • Steps for interpreting ABG results - Our deck (and associated videos) will help guide you through the steps to determine:
    • (1) Which acid/base imbalance is present?
    • (3) Is the imbalance uncompensated, partially compensated, or fully compensated?
  • Causes, symptoms, and treatment for acid/base imbalances (Respiratory acidosis, Respiratory alkalosis, Metabolic acidosis, Metabolic alkalosis).


  • Fifteen (15) 3” x 5” flashcards plus a cover card. Each card is durable, with a glossy front and a matte back for easy note-taking.
  • Tables to help you understand acid/base imbalances and compensation in a logical, straightforward way.
  • Key information about acid/base imbalances that you need to know as a nursing student and a practice nurse.

We also have a complete ABG Interpretation playlist on YouTube to accompany this deck. Level UP your understanding of ABGs by using this deck along with Cathy’s YouTube videos! In this video series, Cathy goes through MANY practice questions as well to make sure you fully understand the steps in the ABG interpretation process. You can find these practice questions, along with an answer key, here.

Not included:

Which Nursing Exams Do These Flashcards Help With?

Cathy Parkes designed this flashcard deck to help nursing students successfully answer ABG interpretation and acid/base imbalance problems on the following exams:

  • NCLEX and comprehensive predictor exams (ex: ATI, HESI)
  • Nursing class exams that cover ABG interpretation and acid/base imbalances (ex: Medical Surgical Nursing, Nursing Fundamentals)


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