Well-prepared nurses are needed now.

Many nurses are already engaged in the fight with COVID-19. Some of you are being re-activated after time away from nursing. Others are switching from your specialties to work on the floor. Still others are being fast-tracked to meet critical needs.

Foundational nursing knowledge is a critical weapon. 

If you or someone you know is in the middle of transitioning into the fight, we have resources focused on the most important information you need to know.  

We originally developed our study resources to help nursing students master the complex material required for nursing more effectively. We have learned through many customers that nurses in transition (new roles, rejoining nursing, etc) have found our resources tremendously helpful.

With that in mind, we have combined some of our most popular flashcard decks into a special Fast Track Nursing Review Pack to help nurses strengthen their knowledge and confidence as they join the COVID-19 battle.  

Get the rapid refresher of critical knowledge you need.

Level Up RN flashcards go beyond simple memorization of concepts. They focus on understanding so you own the knowledge and are ready to deploy it.

They take complicated concepts and distill them down into a sentence or two so that you can quickly master the material without getting bogged down. 

The Fast Track Nursing Review Pack includes:

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NOTE: These resources provide much of the foundational nursing knowledge required to practice safe nursing; however, they are not intended to be all the information required for your particular scope of practice. Nurses should consult their Nursing Leadership within their medical system to confirm requirements.