C's Get Degrees...but there are some other things that DO matter.

A great question came up in our Instagram community: Do grades really matter for nursing school?

The perception to many is really split:

Some believe that grades are of the UTMOST importance. They are willing to fight for every last point, even to the their own detriment.

Other believe that as long as you are passing, grades are virtually meaningless.

Here at Level Up RN, we tend to lean toward the latter. As long as you are passing and learning the concepts that you will need to be a safe and effective nurse, then A's should not be your final goal!

That being said, you absolutely be doing what you need to get a leg up when it comes to putting yourself in a great position for getting your first nursing position.

Cathy tackles this in the quick video below...she goes into what she thinks will give you the best chance to succeed.