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My name is Cathy Parkes and I make YouTube study videos for aspiring nurses. I know first hand how overwhelming nursing school can be—so I have created study material that FOCUSES ON THE MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION. I want to help you study for your nursing tests and get ready for an amazing career.

I started by making free videos on all major topics, from Pharmacology and Medical Surgery to Nursing Fundamentals and Maternal & Newborns. To go with the videos, I have introduced flashcards that are very similar to the cards I used when I was studying for my nursing exams.

These cards focus ONLY on the material you need to succeed on your exams and in your nursing career.


1. Use the videos to get an introduction to the topic

2. Use the flashcards to make sure that you grasp and master the topic

3. Level Up!

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Our Medical Surgical Nursing Flashcards will help you focus on the most important information you need to know for your MedSurg exam. These cards will help you memorize key concepts, without getting bogged down in information/details you don’t need! Use them in combination with Cathy’s MedSurg YouTube video series to really prepare for your Medical Surgical nursing exam.
What IS included in this EPIC 2 Volume study deck:
  • 234 3” x 5” durable cards, divided between 2 volumes. Each card has a glossy finish on the front, and a matte finish on the back (so you can add your own notes).
  • Volume One includes the following body systems:
    • Nervous System
    • Respiratory System
    • Cardiovascular System
    • Hematologic System
    • Fluid and Electrolyte, Acid/Base Imbalances
    • Gastrointestinal System
  • Volume Two includes the following body systems:
    • Renal System
    • Reproductive System
    • Musculoskeletal System
    • Integumentary System
    • Endocrine System
    • Immune System
    • Peri-operative Nursing
  • Priority information bolded.
  • Just the important information is included!


What is NOT included:

  • Information on every diagnostic test, condition, or disease contained in your Medical Surgical Nursing textbook. Just the most important tests, conditions, diseases are included. And for each of these topics, key information is included (i.e. not ALL information - please reference your book for comprehensive information about each disease/condition).
  • Extensive information on medications (i.e. side effects, contraindications, and key administration points). For each disease/condition, medications ARE listed to treat the disease/condition. However, for more details on medications, please purchase our Nursing Pharmacology deck to get all the information you need. The 2 decks would go together nicely!! :)

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