Level Up RN Scholar Contest - Celebrate Students Who Inspire YOU!


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We are thrilled to announce the Level Up RN Scholar Contest winners!

 Get to know the 2020 Level Up RN Scholars!

winner Ramon

"Ramon is a military veteran and good friend of mine. When he first told me about his passion to pursue nursing several years ago I wholeheartedly supported him in his journey. He has far exceeded my expectations and gone above and beyond to immerse himself into nursing and most importantly to helping those most in need. Out of the gate he earned his first certification through the Red Cross and enrolled in community college to complete his academic requirements. During his time of study he stayed active in the Red Cross as a volunteer and joined the health ministry at his church. Within a few months of his decision he already began to make an impact in his community. Because of his work ethic academic achievements in community college and his time serving in the United States Army he was accepted into the prestigious Nursing Program at George Washington University. The program requires an unshakeable dedication to the art and science of nursing in order to be successful. As a student he is still an active volunteer and has added advocacy to his tools. He is the Cohort Representative for over 100 students a student ambassador has partnered with the office of Diversity and Inclusion for the GWU Nursing Program to advocate and support Diversity in Nursing and has created a social media page highlighting the achievements and giving recognition to over 4o members of his fraternity brothers who are in nursing. These are just a few of the things that he has accomplished in such a short period of time. He is absolutely dedicated to the profession of nursing. He has will continue to be an advocate for nurses all over the world no matter their background. I nominate Ramon Neal to be a Level Up RN Scholar."

winner Hannah

"It is truly hard to choose between hard work role model and helping others to best describe why I feel Hannah deserves recognition for this scholarship. Hannah is the find of friend CNA student and person that anyone wants to have by their side. I a nurse had the pleasure of working along side Hannah on an Oncology unit for many years. Not only was I lucky to befriend this kind and caring lady but I got to witness first hand how amazing she is as a CNA. The compassion that radiates through her to her patients is truly beautiful. Our patients who go through the worst of the worst always had her at their side to share smile or hold a hand during their last breath. No one is ever alone or unloved when they have Hannah in their life. And when she finishes nursing school and becomes the wonderful nurse I know she will become we all will be lucky to have such an astonishing nurse in our life. The photo I am sharing is from when Hannah and I organized a huge successful bake sale for Relay for Life a fundraiser through the American Cancer Society. Hannah (left) me (right)."

winner Meris

"I’m nominating Meris due to her commitment to academic excellence in her nursing school program and her willingness to serve her school nursing community. In addition to entering her senior year with a 3.97 gpa Meris also serves as the President of her schools student government association the co-communications chair for the student nurses association and the PR Director for the Ohio Student Nurses Association. She also works as a peer tutor for her school and runs a study blog for nursing students offering tips to study better. Meris does all this while raising two young children under the age of 4."

winner Shonda

"My cousin Shonda deserves this scholarship award because she is what I call a "nurturer by nature". Her desire to be a nurse is not about money bragging rights or looking pretty in a scrub uniform its about her passion to genuinely care for others. As the face of healthcare is being challenged everyday Shonda is the epitome of the fearless hard working responsible caring nurses we need on our frontlines. ...So proud of her!"

winner Jaime

"Es una mama con 2 hermosas hijas quien estudia muy duro todos los dias para poder lograr sus metas. Pensando en el futuro de sus hijas y quierendoles dejar un ejemplo de perseverancia"