T-Shirts for Nurses and Nursing Students

When you're not wearing scrubs, show off your nerdy nurse fashion sense by sporting some of these cute and funny nursing tees.

Exhibit A: Why Say 'Legs' when you can say Bilateral Lower Extremities?



I was sharing details about my day at work with my husband, and I described caring for a patient’s wounds on their bilateral lower extremities. My husband stopped me mid-sentence to ask “Are you talking about legs? Because you could have just said legs”. I laughed so hard because I totally could have just said legs, but medical jargon is now apparently embedded in my head.

Work those Bilateral Lower Extremities and get your own! 


Exhibit B: Prescription for Nursing Students


If we are being completely honest, caffeine is like a drug, with its own side effects (i.e. insomnia, nervousness, stomach irritation, tachycardia). Despite the side effects, it was vital for me during nursing school and for most other students I know! This t-shirt allows you to express your love (and need) of caffeine AND includes the proper prescription formatting for PRN meds. 

Get your own caffeine prescription here!


Exhibit C: Fundoplication


In one of my pediatric video series, I explained several GI disorders including Gastrointestinal Reflux Disease (GERD). A surgery used to treat severe cases of this condition is called Nissen fundoplication. It kind of sounds something like “Fun Multiplication”, but it is really not that fun. This is because they wrap the fundus of your stomach around the distal portion of your esophagus in the procedure. Several students who watch my YouTube channel found my “It’s really not that fun” comment to be amusing, so here it is on a t-shirt!

Have some real fun with yours! 


Exhibit D: Beta Blockers


Remembering drug names in Nursing School is always a challenge. Viewers on my youtube channel know that I go to great lengths to come up with tricks or mnemonics to remember the medications. Some of my tricks are a little off-color, but this one is G-rated. Since beta blockers all end in -lol, my trick to remembering this class of medications is “Beta Blockers make me LOL”.

Make your classmates 'LOL' with your own Beta Blockers Tee!