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ABG Interpretation - Course

Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) Online course

The ABG Interpretation Online course takes our popular YouTube ABG series to the next level with a purpose-built online learning experience to give you confidence interpreting ABG results. This course was designed to work alongside our Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation Flashcards for Nursing Students.

  • Master the top 7 major things you need to know in ABG interpretation
  • Track your progress
  • Test your understanding
  • Work practice problems alongside Cathy!
  • Build your confidence - you got this!

ABG Topics

  • How to obtain an ABG
  • ABG components and normal ranges for each component
  • Buffers that maintain acid/base balance in the body
  • Significance of higher/lower values for: pH, PaCO2, and HCO3
  • Steps for interpreting ABG results. We'll help guide you through the steps to determine: Which acid/base imbalance is present? And is the imbalance uncompensated, partially compensated, or fully compensated?
  • Causes, symptoms, and treatment for acid/base imbalances (Respiratory acidosis, Respiratory alkalosis, Metabolic acidosis, Metabolic alkalosis).

Which Nursing Exams Do These Materials Help With?

Cathy Parkes, BSN, RN, CWCN, PHN in collaboration with a number of other nurses and nursing resources, designed this online course to help nursing students master arterial blood gas interpretation and help prepare them for their nursing exams and develop a better understanding of the causes, symptoms, and treatment of acid-base imbalances.

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Ricardo H.

Paced and spaced

The course was appropriately paced and spaced.

Meghan M.

It finally seems easy

Thank you for such a clear and concise lession! I feel way more confident about applying the interperetation skills. Your course definitely helped me to "level up" my ABG game :) It finally seems easy!

Hayley B.

Fantastic course

Fantastic course! It was very helpful in preparation for my Adult Health II class.

Frances R.

I passed with 100%

100% Cathy makes it so easy. I'm not in nursing school yet—I start in August but wanted to get a head start. Taking this course made my confidence go up, because in the Introductory Assessment, I got most of the questions wrong, but on thet the Final Assessment, I PASSED with 100%. FOLLOW the STEPS (1-2-3) and you will do well. I learned SO MUCH—the ranges, symptoms, what to give. Cathy is very thorough. Her method of teaching, and the opportunity to print the questions and follow alongside her, HELPS SO MUCH. The course is lengthy, but I took breaks throughout the week, which helped me retain more info. IT'S SO WORTH IT. THANKS CATHY <3 Looking forward to more courses like these.

Madison S.

I am so satisfied

Thank you so much! You managed to teach ABGs without using the "ROME" method or "tic tac toe." I have told all my nursing school friends to watch your videos especially since we have finals coming up next week. I got the ABG course for free and I am so satisfied with it, you can tell the hard work that was put in to it. The practice questions after the videos really solidify the information. I graduate in about a year (May 2023) and I wish I would have discovered your videos when I first started nursing school in January 2021! I have two semesters left now and am excited to use your Peds and OB videos for next semester. :)

Frances R.
United States United States


I was having trouble understanding but Let me just say SHE MAKES IT SOOOOOOOOO EASY TO UNDERSTAND. She even gives the option to download/print the practice questions to do it along with her. I 100% ♥️ love that. I was able to follow along and take notes. Definitely will be purchasing courses now. And I love ABGs now. But because she's is excellent at teaching. Again this is my first course but can't wait to try others.

Shannon S.

Wish I had access forever

I wish we could have access to the course forever, to come back and review.

Kelli G.

I really understand ABGs now

I really enjoyed this course, it was very clear and easy to understand. By the end of the course I really understand ABGs.

Patrice C.

It helped me understand

Thank you for offering this course. It helped me understand ABGs a lot more clearly.

Kristen R.

Switch up the order

I loved the course! The only thing I would change is the set up of questions. After doing the practice questions along with Cathy you could see the pattern of what the answer would be so it made it less challenging when practicing the questions due to knowing what the answer would be without doing the actual problem. Switching up the order would be more helpful because you would actually need to do the problem to know the exact answer.

Riyanna W.
United States United States


This course was excellent! All the information was explained quickly and easily, and I have more confidence in interpreting ABGs. I also had bought the NCLEX bundle, which has been helping me tremendously in my nursing school courses. Thank you so much!

Riyanna W.

I feel more confident

Thank you so much for this course. You helped explain the concepts, and I feel more confident interpreting ABGs.

Angelica R.

Decent course

Kinda wish the pdf was printable, just because it's easier to work through like a worksheet. Otherwise this is a decent work through/review course. You definitely need to continue to review the cards and material regularly afterwards. But I like that I have the option to go through the courses and quizzes again.


Level Up RN

The PDF you are referring to is indeed printable! We've contacted you with instructions.

Maria K.

I feel confident

I am an international nurse who has been out of school for 20 years. Before this course, I had a hard time understanding ABGs, especially the compensation part. I am so glad I got this course. I can't believe I got all questions right on the last assessment. Now I feel confident interpreting ABGs. Thank you!!!

Paula R.


I got the ABG course for free. I would only purchase more courses if CEUs were granted.

Aryn S.


This course was phenomenal. I was struggling with compensation before this course and it made the concept clear. Thank you!

Sugey N.

Made it easy

The course made it easy to understand ABGs and memorize it all.

Rita M.

Wanted more reasoning

I loved all the practice and the constant mentioning of normal lab values really helped to impress them in my mind. I guess I would have liked to have seen more explanation as to the reasoning behind ALL the mentioned symptoms you would have with each, rather than just listing them. Knowing WHY you would have them helps to understand the process and can help figure out s/s on any test. Other than that short comment, this was really, really great!

Nicole C.


This course was amazing. I am an LVN who is starting an LVN-BSN program and I did HORRIBLE on ABGs in my LVN program and wanted to get prepared for the BSN program. LEVEL UP RN ROCKS! I can totally do ABGs now! I can't wait to take the EKG Interpretation course AND see what other courses Level Up RN comes up with.

Kelsey M.

Can't wait to put my new skills into practice

This course was great for me as a nursing student! I can't wait to put my new skills into practice in my clinicals next quarter!

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