ABG Interpretation Course

Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) Online course

This course was purpose-built to give you both clear explanations and practice to help you have confidence when interpreting ABG results. This course was designed to work alongside our Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation Flashcards for Nursing Students.

ABG Topics

  • How to obtain an ABG
  • ABG components and normal ranges for each component
  • Buffers that maintain acid/base balance in the body
  • Significance of higher/lower values for: pH, PaCO2, and HCO3
  • Steps for interpreting ABG results. We'll help guide you through the steps to determine: Which acid/base imbalance is present? And is the imbalance uncompensated, partially compensated, or fully compensated?
  • Causes, symptoms, and treatment for acid/base imbalances (Respiratory acidosis, Respiratory alkalosis, Metabolic acidosis, Metabolic alkalosis).

Which Nursing Exams Do These Materials Help With?

Cathy Parkes, BSN, RN, CWCN, PHN in collaboration with a number of other nurses and nursing resources, designed this online course to help nursing students master arterial blood gas interpretation and help prepare them for their nursing exams and develop a better understanding of the causes, symptoms, and treatment of acid-base imbalances.