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Dosage Calculation - Workbook & Digital Companion

The Dosage Calculation Workbook & Digital Companion provides the most complete, flexible approach available to help you master dosage calculation. It is built to help you learn YOUR way.  

The workbook & digital companion combine written instructions, practice problems, video instruction, step-by-step practice problem explanations, and reference materials. This mix of resources was built knowing that every learner is unique! Whether you are a visual learner, an auditory learner, or a kinesthetic learner, this resource is for you. 

Dosage calculation is a critical part of nursing school. With that in mind, we included three different methods for solving each kind of problem where applicable. This means you can get comfortable mastering this must-learn topic no matter your preferred method! Many programs require a 100% or near-perfect score on dosage calculation tests; we know this subject is critical to passing nursing school. 

The workbook starts with the most basic calculations and builds up to more complex dosage calculations, including specialty chapters for different fields like pediatrics, maternity, and critical care. This will help you confidently tackle your dosage calculation tests and clinical practice. 

We've included many example problems throughout the workbook to help you learn and feel confident in your ability to solve a wide variety of dosage calculation problems that could be thrown your way on exams. The digital companion also includes full solutions to every practice problem in the workbook to ensure you never get stuck.  

Dosage Calculation Contents and Topics

The workbook and digital companion was purpose-built to help you and ALL students—whether you are a math whiz or not—master the calculations you must know to pass nursing exams, the NCLEX, and practice safe nursing. We provide 3 methods to solve each kind of problem, which helps you master the calculations in the easiest and fastest way possible for YOU. The digital companion also includes video-based examples so you can review every step. Dosage Calculation is vital for your success, so we were as thorough as possible so you can get truly comfortable with solving these problems.

Which Nursing Exams Does This Resource Help With?

  • Comprehensive Predictor exams (e.g., HESI, ATI)
  • NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN exams
  • Dosage calculation exams

Who will level up their learning using This Resource?

  • Nursing students (RN and PN)
  • Vocational, Practical, and Registered nurses (LVN, LPN, RN)
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Angela T.
United States United States

Leveling Up

Love your pass-the-class resources

Level Up RN Dosage Calculation - Workbook & Digital Companion Review
Athena B.
United States United States

Studying dosage calculation

The dosage calculation book covers the calculations needed for hands-on nursing skills and offers a lot of useful practice problems with an answer key for each topic. Highly recommend!

Linda O.
United States United States

Dosage calculations work book

When I started nursing school,l didn’t know how to go about with dosage calculations,this work book has really been helpful. I can now solve many dosage calculations problems

Carrie W.
United States United States


Helped me review and understand more in depth! I would recommend to nursing students.

Denise H.
United States United States

Level Up RN

It is really helping me to better understand conversion problems with IV drips.

Lounha E.
United States United States

I love it

I like this workbook. It’s really good. I would recommend it for those who are looking for a good Dosage Calculation book to study.

Johanna F.
United States United States

Amazing book

This has been a life saver! I love the companion videos because I can review what I’m having a hard time solving. A few of my friends purchased the book as well. Thank you for having this!

Millie D.
United States United States

Dosage book

I should have bought this book in my 1st semester. It’s amazing and easy to follow. If you are starting your nursing path or struggling with the math get this book. I got it to keep the material fresh over the summer break and as I enter my 4th semester I still find it helpful.

Vanessa A.
United States United States

The BEST Dosage Calculation Book!!

I wish we had a book like this in nursing school. I made it through my first year struggling and barely understanding dosage calculation. This book enlightened me! I learned different ways of solving the problems. I feel more prepared now. This book is so thorough, yet easy to understand. The digital companion is perfect in cementing the knowledge. I HIGHLY recommend it! It’s so worth it.

Catrina B.
United States United States

Best preparation for Fall 22!'

I received a notification from my professors that beginning of fall '22 we will have a dosage calculation exam. I decided to purchase the calculation workbook since I already used the Med-Surg flashcards. So far this has been great. I will know if all of my hard work is paying off after the first week of class.

Level Up RN Dosage Calculation - Workbook & Digital Companion Review
Christina M.
United States United States

Loving my new Dosage Calc book!

I love this book. It has helped me in many ways. Thank you so much for being here and having the heart to help other nursing students. I for one could not be happier with this new dosage calculation workbook!

Vivian M.
United States United States


I passed my HESI Dosage Calculation after studying this book. I am really satisfied.

Nicole B.
United States United States


Dosage calculation has been very helpful, the content is very easy to understand took my NCLEX 2 days ago and pass it . I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO ANY NURSES OR STUDENT NURSES. THANK YOU!

Chellie D.
United States United States

A must-have!

Finally, a dosage calculation workbook that is informative and engaging. I feel confident about passing the course. Thank you!

Tara B.
United States United States

Worth the investment

This resource has given me a head start on my RN program that starts next month. I am so excited to start my program and the dosage calculation portion is one of my weak areas. I can say that I'm really understanding the problems better and getting them correct and the ones I getting wrong I understand what I did incorrectly. Thanks a million Cathy and the team!!! Well worth the investment!!!!

Tiara M.
United States United States


I was disappointed with my first Level Up purchase. First, I was charged for tax in a county that I don't live in. Then, I received a dosage calculations book with errors throughout. Although the tax was resolved, I don't like knowing that there's errors in my book. I received an email telling me which questions needed to be corrected throughout the book. This has me wondering how many more questions are incorrect. I needed the book to help me improve my dosage calculation knowledge, not to confuse me and have me questioning whether a question is really correct. I really should have received an additional discount off the price of my book.


Level Up RN

Hi Tiara, Thank you so much for your purchase! As you noted, the tax error has been corrected for your purchase. Our tax processing software incorrectly identified your county from your billing address. We are passing this feedback on in order to have it corrected. As for our new Dosage Calculation Workbook, we understand your frustration with the 3 typos that we identified in this first printing of the book. Errors of any kind frustrate us as well—we aim for zero errors in anything we print. Our review process is a point of pride for us. In the rare cases that we do find typos after a resource has gone to print, we strive to be transparent with our customers so that you can be confident that we take them, and you, seriously. We also correct these issues moving forward as quickly as we are able! Our goal is that you can be completely confident in the study materials we provide. We apologize that our communication on the typos gave you the impression that the book was faulty. None of the 3 typos that we noted materially impact the accuracy of this carefully-reviewed resource, but we want to be as clear and correct as possible. Again, thank you for your valuable feedback. It is helping us to improve as we strive to help you and others Level Up!

Tavon S.
United States United States

break down

This book was worth the purchase and the only book that you need. It feels amazing.

Nicole M.
United States United States

Best Dosage Calc Book I've Seen!

I'm on Chapter 7. This is the best dosage calc book ever. It contains a lot of content that I did not learn in LPN school. It's amazing and put together so well. It's definitely well worth the price.

mayra g.
United States United States

Dosage Calculation Workbook & Digital Companion

So helpful loved it !!!!!!

United States United States

Highly recommend

I have done a great amount of practice problems and watched endless YouTube videos on how to solve dosage calculation problems. None of it has helped me as much as this book. This book allowed me to learn the material I’ve been trying to for months...Thank you Level Up RN! This was my first purchase from this website and I will definitely be coming back for more as I begin my nursing school journey!