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A lot of people have used the cards along with the videos and done very well, without reading the book word for word. However everyone is different! We have a video on the homepage this site that explains how to use the cards. The MedSurg deck has A LOT of cards, Studying with them for an hour or two a day is WAY better than trying to study for MANY hours in just a few days.

The cards should absolutely be helpful for PN students, as well as RN students. Our understanding is that the RN and PN materials are nearly identical, so the information should be applicable.

The cards don't contain ALL the meds in the pharmacology materials, but it does contain most of them. We tried to just include the most important ones, so that people wouldn't be overwhelmed. For example, there are dozens of chemo drugs, but we only included a few that I felt are most important for ATI, NCLEX, and HESI. Another example are the ADHD meds for kids. Our experience is that the standard exams only ask about a couple of them, so that is all we included. Even with leaving out less important meds, there are still a lot!

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