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We are on a mission together–we'd like to hear from you

We'd like to hear from you.

Our mission is to help nursing students master the material required to begin successful and safe nursing careers.

We want to partner with educators to further that mission.

Based on the feedback to date, we've discovered that a combination of academic coursework and supplemental resources like ours, provides the immersion required for students to master the material and be on their way to a great career.

We want to hear from you so we can shape our resources and study aides to further our mission. Email us if you are interested in talking to us about what's working well or what we can improve.

Review: Works well in the classroom!

Rating: 5 Stars

I bought these cards to use in my Pediatric classroom. I have used them in a Review study day and let the students browse through them and quiz each other off them. They are wonderful. Thanks for another great product!

Davida Murphy Smith MA, MSN

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You can email us at educators@leveluprn.com 

What students are saying about us.

You may have first learned about Cathy Parkes from your students, many of whom have found our materials very helpful.

Cathy’s YouTube videos and flashcards deliver the core subject matter in digestible formats that are highly portable and always available.

Our materials, combined with Cathy’s warm personality and easy to follow delivery style with relatable examples and mnemonics, or memory aids, are helping students study more effectively across the country.

We firmly believe the best learning is multimodal (classroom, books, video, audio, study aids). Your feedback reinforces our belief that we can be part of the larger set of tools and solutions that educators seek to implement.