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Flashcard Organizer Box - 4 boxes

The Flashcard Organizer Box is designed to hold and organize your 3x5 inch flashcards with your learning system tabs. Built to hold over 500 cards comfortably, including room for your fingers, with a magnetic closure system, the box can also hold your own notecards and 3x5 index cards.

How many boxes do I need?

That depends how many flashcards you want to store! Each box has a storage capacity of 500 3x5" flashcards, so you may need more than one box. Keep in mind they are designed to hold 500 flashcards comfortably, with space for Learning System tabs and to be able to easily remove cards.

  • A one-piece storage box that ships flat. 
  • Upon receiving the box, be sure to watch the instructional video before you remove the backing from the tape that will secure the corners. The tape is extremely strong & sticky and should be handled carefully to avoid damaging your box. Once the tape backing is removed, boxes cannot be returned.
  • The box has a cover flap with a magnetic closure system. 
  • The white surface is perfect for you to personalize with your own labels and stickers!
Example box requirements
I own... # of flashcards # of boxes
Pharmacology Flashcards * 191 1
Medical-Surgical Flashcards 437 1
Nursing Success Pack 775 2
NCLEX Pack 1549 4
Advanced Nursing Suite 1864 4

* With plenty of space for extra flashcards!

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