Nursing Success Pack

Practicing nurses: Improve patient care and advance in your career.

New grad nurses:Hit the ground running and start your career with confidence.

Current RN/PN nursing students:Be better prepared for clinical rotations.

In this collection, you get SIX DECKS specifically to help you achieve your nursing career goals:

Success Pack: 755 Flashcards

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The knowledge you need to excel in nursing

Wound Care Flashcards
Wound Care

With the rise in diabetes and other conditions that lead to pressure wounds and other complications, nursing professionals need a strong grounding in wound care. This deck will help you improve your patient care and give you a step up in your career.

Medical-Surgical Flashcards

This super deck combines Medical-Surgical Nursing, Pathophysiology and Critical information that are perfect for either a transition to a Medical-Surgical floor OR for preparation for the Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nursing (CMSRN) exam.

Pharmacology Flashcards

With the ever-changing and complicated world of pharmacology, this flashcard deck gives you a detailed overview of the most important medications that you need to know today as a nurse, especially if you are transitioning between roles.

Health Assessment Flashcards
Health Assessment

Mastery of the flow and sequence of a head-to-toe patient assessment is key to nursing success. This deck includes a reference guide on normal ranges, expected/unexpected results, and detailed assessment techniques to help you on your quest to mastery.

EKG Interpretation Flashcards
EKG Interpretation

This deck was designed intentionally for RNs and PNs, especially those transitioning roles, with all the information you need to identify and interpret EKG results. This deck is the reference tool you've been looking for!

Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation Flashcards
Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation

If you are new to the Med-Surg floor or to a Critical Care unit and want a refresher on ABGs, this is the tool for you. It contains simple, clear explanations and tables to help make interpretation straightforward.

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