Cool Chicken Sticker Sheet

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Need more Cool Chicken in your life? How about sixteen of them? 

#CoolChicken = easier learning. 

Have you heard the legend of cool chicken? It is our most memorable (and talked about) memory aide. As it turns out, nursing material is a lot more fun to learn when you make up silly stories to "explain" the concepts.

This wacky hint has its origin in our pharmacology study materials

Colchicine is a medication used to treat an acute gout attack.

HINT: Colchicine kind of looks like 'cool chicken'.

Guy to his friend with a chicken: "Hey man, cool chicken. OUCH! Your chicken just pecked my gouty toe!"

The Level Up RN community loved this hint, and it was the reason we started adding more hints to our flashcard decks.

When you see the "cool chicken" in our materials, you can know that we are highlighting a silly memory device that makes it easier to learn the material you need to know!

And now, you can take the cool chicken home as a sticker! One sticker sheet includes:

  • 12 x familiar Cool Chicken you know and love
  • 2 x Cool Chicken as a little chick
  • 2 x Cool Chicken as a hatching egg

In the Level Up RN Learning System, we launched the cool chicken as a chick and a hatching egg to symbolize being new to concepts you are learning. These stickers can enhance the other decks you are currently using. Want to remember specific topics for a test? Use the stickers to call out those facts or remind yourself of those items you haven't quite mastered yet.

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