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Level Up Nurse Squad - Fab Four

Introducing Level Up Nurse Squad—a card game that pairs the nursing knowledge you need with a side of LOL. 

A perfect complement to Level Up RN's flashcards, this game takes the concepts you've studied and puts them in a study format that's perfect for solo study or group play with up to 8 players. 

In this bundle, you get four subjects games that can be played separately or together: Pharmacology, Med-Surg, Pediatrics, and Maternity

In the games, the questions focus on material found in our Nursing Flashcards— your #1 secret weapon to passing your exams in nursing school and beyond. The game makes it fun. Put 'em together and you have a winning combination.

You can play each subject separately or combine them for a more comprehensive (and challenging) review session. 

Challenge your friends and be the first to join the Level Up Nurse Squad! 

The card game features:

  • Hundreds of questions selected with the goal of preparing for the NCLEX—and beyond
  • Many real-life nursing hazards that add a bit of challenge to the gameplay
  • 8 avatars representing the next potential members of the elite Level Up Nurse Squad
  • Multiple styles of play 

Level Up Nurse Squad was proudly created by real nurses who have been there and done that...and want YOU to become the next member of the Nurse Squad!