Pharmacology Basics and Safe Medication Administration Flashcards for Nursing Students

This flashcard deck allows Nursing Students to build a strong foundation for learning Pharmacology and performing safe medication administration.


  • Thirty-seven (37) 3” x 5” flashcards plus a cover card. Each card is durable, with a glossy front and a matte back for easy note-taking.

This deck is for you if you are:

  • New or future nursing students: This deck is a MUST.
  • An RN or PN Nursing Student.
  • A new nurse who wants a reference or refresher on Pharmacology basics (ex: needle sizes, IV complications, etc).

Please Note: This deck is intended to be used with our Pharmacology for Nursing Students Flashcards (Edition 1 or Edition 2). It does not include specific medication information, but rather the fundamentals of medication administration. 

This deck contains the following information:

  • How drug names work (chemical, generic, brand).
  • Medication regulation (US drug schedule, drug risk classification in pregnancy).
  • Prescriptions (types, components).
  • Telephone orders (best practices).
  • Error-prone abbreviations.
  • Best practices for safe medication administration.
  • Pharmacokinetics (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion).
  • Therapeutic Index and Half-life of medications
  • Agonists vs. Antagonists.
  • Best practices for administering medications through different routes of administration (oral, NG/G-tube, sublingual/buccal, transdermal, inhalation therapy, optic, otic, intradermal, subcutaneous, intramuscular, intravenous).
  • Preparing injections from an ampule and vial.
  • Insulin administration and mixing insulins.
  • IV therapy (IV insertion, care), and complications (phlebitis, infiltration, extravasation, catheter embolus, air embolus, thrombosis, fluid overload, infection).
  • Blood transfusions (blood type compatibility, types of blood products, best practices for administering blood).
  • Blood transfusion reactions (mild allergic, anaphylactic, febrile, septic, acute hemolytic, circulatory overload).
  • Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) administration and nursing care.

Pharmacology Basics and Safe Medication Administration Deck includes:

  • Thirty-seven (37) 3” x 5” flashcards plus a cover card. Each card is durable, with a glossy front and a matte back for easy note-taking.
  • Key concepts highlighted in bold, red font.

Which Nursing exams do these flashcards help with?

Cathy Parkes designed this flashcard deck to help nursing students on the following exams:

  • NCLEX and comprehensive predictor exams (ex: ATI, HESI)
  • Nursing class exams that cover Pharmacology concepts and medication administration  (ex: Nursing Fundamentals, Pharmacology, Medical/Surgical Nursing)

A complete YouTube playlist for Pharmacology Basics and Safe Medication Administration will be released in the future, which will follow along with this deck. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, so you get notified when Cathy releases new videos! 

Not included:

  • Specific medications. Actual medications are included in our Pharmacology Edition 2.0 flashcard deck. This deck provides importantfoundational information on safe medication administration and makes a good companion to our Pharmacology deck.
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions for performing skills. These cards focus more on best practices and general information for safe medication administration.