The Ultimate Peds Bundle

What happens when you take our proven flashcards and pair them with Level Up Nurse Squad, our first-of-a-kind nursing card game? 

Your studies get an upgrade.

It's the new, best way to learn. 

The peds flashcards give you the most important pediatric nursing knowledge you need to know without the fluff. They are your ticket to faster, more effective studying. Not to mention you can always pair them with our free YouTube videos. Students, nurses, and educators have been using them for years and the results speak for themself.

Peds ATI? Conquered. NCLEX? Passed. Careers? Leveled Up. 

Then there's Level Up Nurse Squad - Pediatrics. Why a card game? Our nursing educators didn't just want to add fun to your nursing life. Nope, they picked out the crème-de-la-crème of nursing knowledge and put it in the form of devilishly difficult questions. It's the ultimate review tool. If you master THIS game, you can be sure you really know your $h!t. 

It's a perfect pairing. Learn with the flashcards and review with the game. 

Go on, put 'em together. We dare you. 'Cuz we know peds won't stand a chance.

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