Cathy Gets the COVID-19 Vaccine

by Cathy Parkes December 21, 2020 Updated: August 09, 2023 1 min read

Front-line health care workers are some of the first people in the US who can get the COVID-19 vaccine. As a wound nurse at her hospital, Cathy cares for both COVID and non-COVID patients. Therefore, she was in the first group eligible for the vaccine.

Cathy believes in the science and the safety of vaccines, so she was eager to get hers as soon as possible. Being vaccinated will let her worry less about being exposed at the hospital, and possibly bringing the virus home to her family.

Cathy is thankful that it will also let her see her mom and other loved ones sooner, and to do her part to build up herd immunity in our country. Cathy is a big hugger, and misses hugging her friends, her mom, her coworkers, patients, and more. She sees getting this vaccine is one small step closer to being able to do that again.

She will be going back for her second dose in 3 weeks.

To read more about the COVID-19 vaccine, we recommend the CDC website.

Full Transcript

CATHY: Today, I get my vaccine so I am super pumped. I signed up for one of the earliest spots. I'm going to get my vaccine at 7:30. So I'm going to drive into work, schedule the patients I need to see for today, and then head over there to get my vaccine. And hopefully, I can get someone to take a picture or video of me getting my vaccine today. So, super excited!

CATHY: In line now to get my vaccine. A lot of people here waiting. So it might be a little while.

ATTENDANT: So we'll have you wait for 15 minutes afterwards.

ATTENDANT: How are you today?

CATHY: I'm great, how are you today?


CATHY: I am so excited, it's like my birthday! Vaccine!!

ATTENDANT: Are you going with your right or your left arm?

CATHY: Uh, I'm gonna go right!

CATHY: How's it going?


CATHY: Excited to be here.



VACCINATING NURSE: You don't have to hang out.

CATHY: I don't.

VACCINATING NURSE: Just let someone know that you've got the vaccine and probably wait about 15 minutes.

CATHY: Okay. Sounds good. Okay.

CATHY: So happy. So ready to hug my mom and my family [laughter].

VACCINATING NURSE: I know, right? Finally.

CATHY: Oh, you are good.


CATHY: I didn't feel that at all


CATHY: All set? All right.


CATHY: Okay. And they'll send me an email or whatever?

VACCINATING NURSE: Yeah, [inaudible] should send you [inaudible].

CATHY: Vaccinated! Yes! So excited!

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