Cathy's Journey to Becoming a Nurse

by Cathy Parkes June 25, 2019 1 Comment

Cathy Parkes shares a heartfelt and personal journey into her nursing career. Becoming a registered nurse is Cathy's second career. Prior to that, she was a computer science engineer and even though the salary was great, she wasn't fulfilled. Cathy talks about formulating her new path, volunteering at a hospital and after more deliberations, deciding to become a nursing student. She talks about balancing family life while taking pre-requisites at a junior college just to be able to apply for a nursing program. The nursing school she chose required her to take an entrance exam.

Once she was admitted to an accelerated 2 year nursing program, things did not get easier. Studying for nursing exams was hard and she spent many hours discovering better ways to memorize and master the material. This is a story about personal grit and determination and could be helpful for aspiring nurses, whether you want to become a registered nurse or a nurse practitioner. She even includes many helpful tips about starting your career and maximizing your nursing salary and nursing career satisfaction.

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August 14, 2020

First off, you are such an inspiration! I really love your story because I’ve been there and the struggle is definitely real. I’m current an LVN and have considered going back for my RN. In the meantime, I’ve been very interested in becoming a Certified Wound Care nurse, but struggling to find out where to start. I found programs online that I can take and then take the exam afterwards, but it didn’t have an option to do “clinicals” to get the hours of experience like we would in nursing school. Is there any advise you can give me to help guide me in the right direction? Becoming a certified wound care nurse is my ultimate dream job! You’re also local to me which is amazing and if I ever get a chance to study under you for wound care, that would be the BEST thing ever!!!!! Do they accept nursing volunteers for wound care or have a wound care program at Scripps Encinitas? Thank you again for sharing all your experiences, tips, and tricks about nursing.

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