Chamberlain School of Nursing Q&A with Cathy Parkes

by Angelina Guzman July 29, 2019

Cathy got a chance to sit down with a group of awesome student nurses from Chamberlain University in Columbus, OH. Listen as she addresses some of their burning question, ranging from how to best prepare for the NCLEX to sharing a tip about how to use a calendar to keep things straight when your semester gets crazy!

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What's in this Live Stream

⬇︎** Cathy answers pre-submitted questions **⬇︎

  • Study Tips 1:07 - 18:14
  • Pharm Tips 18:21 - 23:37
  • Studying for Nclex/Ati 23:44 - 28:07
  • New Grad Residencies 28:17 - 34:15
⬇︎** Open Q&A Time **⬇︎

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