My New RN Grad Program Experience & What to Expect


Cathy shares her experience in a new grad program at her hospital. Your experience may not be exactly the same, but this information could be helpful to set expectations. Cathy’s program was 40 weeks long, including day and night shifts. The program also included classes with quizzes and tests to prepare new nurses for patient care. Cathy also shares how she nurtured a positive relationship with her preceptor.

Cathy also explains how the direct patient care started and ramped up, culminating working with patients by herself. During this time, she explains the ‘real-world’ aspects to learning how to navigate expectations and responsibilities. One important aspect is to seek out advice, as it is sometimes hard to understand priorities at any given time. Last but not least, why it is important to act confident even when you are nervous about trying something for the first time.

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